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Pong is a simplified version of Ping Pong for the computer, popularized on the Atari 2600. Two paddles at opposite ends of an empty playing area can move in one dimension only. A single ball bounces around the screen, and the players duke it out trying to get points by making the other player miss the ball.

This is the home of a project to create an implementation of Pong using the C language and the SDL game library.

Current Status: ball bounces smoothly at arbitrary angles. Working on the menu.


We are making Pong for several reasons:


See the README below.



Note: These require SDL.dll to be in the current directory (get a Zip file containing SDL.dll).

READMEBrief documentation on Pong
pong-cygwin.exeWin32 binary, compiled under cygwin
pong-vsnet2003.exeWin32 binary, compiled under Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003

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